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Join us for giving thanks,  growing spiritually, and supporting each other in friendship.

Sunday mornings at 10:30

25 Bridge St. E. Napanee

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What’s new?

Healthy Living Series event Sep 20 at Trinity

Bay of Quinte Annual Meeting Apr 27 – 29

An except from report of Conference President, Wanda Stride For 94 years we have met as congregations, presbyteries and a conference. We have built relationships, both personal and ecclesiastical. As Christ’s gathered body we have served our communities at home and abroad, we have rejoiced, we have lamented. We have built structures and programs that […]

Good Friday Service

Join Trinity and Grace United Churches at Trinity Friday March 30 at 10:30 a.m. for our Good Friday worship service. We will have multiple musical styles with a joint Trinity/Grace choir along with our regular worship band.

Minister and Staff

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