50 Days of Faith – A celebration of the season of Easter – Week #3

General | Mark

We continue with a focus on prayer during this season of Easter. Our congregation and our own lives will be strengthened in faith as we focus on prayer. Here is the prayer for Easter week 3.

Let it be part of a daily pattern of prayer or, alternatively, use this prayer as your table grace formealtime. Together, this Easter, may we walk this joyful journey of deepening faith.

Prayer of the week- We Are One with the Risen Christ-A prayer for Easter week 3

Thank you, God, for the new life we have because of Jesus Christ who sustains our soul with love. Thank you, God, for food of the earth that feeds and sustains us in our daily living.

Thank you, God, that you call us to be your food of love to this world. Help our church family grow stronger in this love so we can provide bread for the world and peace for the soul during this season of Easter and beyond. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!

Blessings on the journey! – Rev. Mark