50 Days of Faith – A celebration of the season of Easter – Week #6


We continue with a focus on prayer during this season of Easter. On this Mother’s Day weekend, we offer prayers for our church family and the renewal of our congregation. Here is the prayer for Easter week 6. Together, this Easter, may we walk this joyful journey of deepening faith.

Prayer of the week- Jesus is Risen -A prayer for Easter week 6

My Lord, please revive our church body with a healthy heart and a steadfast spirit, so that we may truly love you in a deep and intimate way. As Jesus called the disciples and formed the body of believers, he called them into a new relationship of family and faith. Help us hear this call in our lives today. Refresh our souls with your Word, O God, and replenish our hearts with your holiness. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen! (adapted from prayerforeverything.com)