50 Days of Faith – A celebration of the season of Easter – Week #1


I, Rev. Mark, am inviting our faith community to take a step leading into deeper faith during this season of Easter. We begin this journey on Easter Sunday. The season of Easter lasts 50 days. We begin with a focus on prayer. Prayer is often reserved for moments of crisis or times of deep need or substantial wants. However, prayer is an absolutely necessary part of the healthy life in any Christian community (e.g., congregation) along with the individual’s life of faith. Prayer offers a close walk and conversation with the Lord; a time to listen, to be renewed, redirected, reawakened, etc. I am offering this prayer for you to take home this week. Let it be part of a daily pattern of prayer. Together, this Easter, may we walk this joyful journey of deepening faith.

Prayer of the week- We Are One with the Risen Christ-A prayer for Easter morning and beyond

Lord, we lift our hearts to you. As the dawn breaks, may we carry the unity we share into every moment knowing that we are one with the risen Christ. Lord, we lift our eyes to you. As the sun rises, may this moment stay with us, reminding us to look for the beautiful colors of promise in your Holy Word. Lord, we lift our prayers to you. May we breathe this day in and know, that like the earth, you sustain us, keep us, and work within us always. And so, we lift our voices to you. We celebrate the greatest day in history, when Jesus Christ rose from death, defeated darkness and bathed the world in stunning resurrection light. May we ever live to praise you! Amen. (Author unknown)

Blessings on the journey! – Rev. Mark