Action Summit


The reVision Action Summit took place on October 22, 2017 as about 50 people gathered after worship to hear from the proposal teams. We began with the prayer: “God, in all that we are doing today, in our listening and in our speaking, open us to your leading and guide us toward your call in Jesus Christ. Amen!”

Each team provide a 5 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions.  Sitting at small tables, the congregation then spent a few minutes in silence for individual discernment – a thoughtful time of guided considerations …  “In what ways does this proposal continue to grow the vision and insights gleaned from our reVision journey started last April?”

  1. What inspired you about his idea (where is the “wow” for you)? Where do you see the movement of the Holy Spirit in this proposal?
  2. What opportunities for renewed mission and vision for the congregation do you see in this proposal? What about this idea excites you to action?
  3. What wisdom would you offer to the proposal team? What further questions of concerns do you have about this proposal?

The four proposals presented to the congregation were:

  1. Develop a small group ministry at Trinity. The congregation was asked to develop a practice of creating small groups that would be offered during the course of each year. Small groups could be focused on a common activity together, a book to read a discuss together, a series of faith-based topics for discussion, or simply meeting for conversation and friendship. The options are wide open. Small groups would be time limited with a start date and end date, and each group would include some element of spiritual inquiry and growth.
  2. Develop a ministry of faith education for all ages. This proposal included an expanded focus on children and youth beyond the current Christian education programme and a particular focus on young famiies. The programme included the hiring of a part-time coordinator to champion the cause of this programme and offer support at all levels and for all ages.
  3. Develop an after school / early evening programme for children in grades 3 – 6. This proposal included an application for funding from the United Church General Council to provide resources (which was subsequently approved). The programme will be called “BLAST” … Believe. Learn. And. Seek. Together.
  4. Develop a lecture and concert series called “Trinity Presents …” This proposal is designed to foster spiritual, social and intellectual growth for the enrichment of the congregation and extended community through the sharing of a series of concerts and health information sessions which showcase the talents and resources within our midst.