September 2020 Update

Welcome to our newsletter. I will begin with a brief update regarding our timeline for re-opening the building and reconvening for public worship and other things. Our Church Council met this week and we formalized a team (called ‘the Transition Team’) that will continue to develop a plan for re-opening the building to worship and other uses. Even as we were having discussions about re-entering the building, we knew that numbers of virus cases were on the rise in Ontario and across Canada. This news pressed upon us an even greater urgency for a thorough plan that will allow as inclusive a return and as safe a return as possible.

We know that we have a significant portion of our congregation that is in the vulnerable age category and that we also have a growing number of young families that are an important part of our life. With this in mind, the Council decided that we would remain online beyond September and will assess the Transition Team plan at the next Council meeting the first week of October. We will continue with online worship and we will continue to connect with our church family in as many and varied ways as possible over the next few weeks.

Every church in our denomination is developing its own timeline. Some have opened with varying results, some are still developing a plan, some are still waiting and watching to see where things go. Thank you for your ongoing patience, prayers, and support of our ministry in this unique time of global pandemic challenge.

Psalm 145 says, “One generation shall laud your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.” This celebration of faith will continue; it is what we do. Currently, we will keep finding new and creative ways to do this. And in doing this, we will discover that we have much to learn about the grace and peace of God that continues to unfold in our lives. We usually find those incredible insights during times of challenge and uncertainty. May God continue to bless us with the knowledge of his love and may we keep attentive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we follow Jesus Christ our Lord.


Rev. Mark