What to expect when you visit us at

Trinity United Church

Whether you are coming to worship with us on Sunday morning, attending a public event in our sanctuary, or taking part in a programme offered in our building, we hope that you will experience a warm welcome by our minister, staff, members and volunteers.

Here is some information that might help make it easier for you!


Joining Us for Worship Sundays at 10:30 am

  • Since the Covid19 pandemic, we have been asking everyone to come through the same entrance (even though there are several exterior doors). The door we use on Sunday mornings is the glass door on John Street at the north-east corner of the building, near the laneway into the parking lot.
  • An elevator is available at the same entrance and is operated by one of our volunteers.
  • Parking is available in our parking lot with access from both Bridge Street and John Street.
  • Additional parking is available on John Street.
  • Medical masks are not required, although we recommend that you wear a mask if you think you may have been exposed to a contagious illness. We will respect your judgment in this regard.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are available near most doorways.
  • There are several washrooms in the building, although there is only one washroom near the sanctuary near the John Street entrance.
  • Most Sundays refreshments are served in the hall adjacent to the sanctuary and we invite you to join us.
  • Offerings and donations to the church may be placed in the offering plate in the welcome centre. We accept offerings through cash/cheque, PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance), e-Transfers, or our debit terminal.

Attending a programme or meeting

  • Entrances are usually locked during the week for the safety of all those using the building.
  • During office hours (Monday to Thursday 9:30-1:00) you can gain access by using the intercom at the south-west Bridge Street entrance (closet to the parking lot).
  • If you require use of the elevator when doors are locked, please call the office at 613-354-3858.